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AUTHOR: Aidan Banfield

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Valley Lake with Otilia

Establishing Wetland Plants PDF Brochure

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This page is the gateway to several PDF brochures and documents. Some contain useful information, both practical and for reference. Others contain information that is thought provoking. I've gathered these resources together from Wetlands Creations wetland plant nursery, and from the Victorian Wetlands Network Inc*


* The Victorian Wetlands Network Inc was wound up on the 12/8/2010 after a number of years of inactivity. In a effort to keep alive some of the work achieved through the network, the information sheets, aims and objectives of the organisation and a link to its old web site on the BIRD wiki site (Bio diversity Information Resource and Data) have been added to this page.

Establishing Wetland Plants

Through a process of trial and error growing wetland plants & establishing them (particularly in Redman Bluff Wetlands), it was noticed that the success varied greatly from one pond to the next. Some did ok, some were a spectacular success and some even failed completely. Through observation and subsequent experimentation, I’ve been able to develop a set of steps that greatly increases the success of establishing wetland plants.

The three fold PDF brochure Establishing Wetland Plants - A Recipe for Success outlines in an easy to follow manner the steps that can be taken to help you establish wetland plants, be it in a restored wetlands, farm dam or home pond.

You are welcome to print out this brochure and distribute it, but it must not be modified in any way.


The Big Picture

An information sheet perpaired for the Victorian Wetlands Network outling the larger role of wetlands in the landscape. This document gives details of a range of benfites that wetlands provide to our world. The Big Picture is the first of two information sheets (4 A4 pages) prepared for the Victorian Wetlands Network

You are welcome to print out this information sheet and distribute it, but it must not be modified in any way.


Water is Essential for Life

This PDF document provides information on why the Victorian Wetlands Network believed wetlands and water in the landscape is essential to a healthy landscape and ecosystems. Water is essential for Life is the second information sheet (3 A4 pages) prepared for the Victorian Wetlands Network.

You are welcome to print out this information sheet and distribute it, but it must not be modified in any way.



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