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Brady Swamp 10/02/2004

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Grampians Paradise from air 04/12/2010

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Turret Falls Wonderland Range

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Moyston West Rd south of end of sealed surface 06/01/2011

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Brady Swamp 29012011
BRADY SWAMP: On the Wannon River, Grampians N.P.

Brady Swamp is a large shallow fresh water marsh located at the south east corner of the Grampians National Park. With a large catchment including the section of the Wannon river that flows within the Grampians ranges, Brady Swamp has a very good seasonal inflows of water, allowing wetland plants to flourish and to provide habitat for many species of wetland fauna.



Bryan Swamp
BRYAN SWAMP: Southern end of Victoria Valley, Grampians



GOOSENECKSWAMP: Just north of Brady Swamp, Grampians



MASONS RESERVE: West of Moyston



MOYSTON WEST ROAD: East of Mt William, Grampians N.P.



REDMAN BLUFF WETLANDS: At Grampians Paradise



TURRET FALLS: In the Grampians National Park, Wonderland





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